boom boom

what a great week,
shiny moments chasing each other.

went to a jazz bar for the first time in 7 years i think,
made me write music instantaneously.
thursday berlin saw a great show.
great turnout, great performance and dj's enduser + jason forrest
really tore it up.

its a good thing the karl marx stadt cd + lp are out now, started shipping them out last week
they're also available at and the rest of the world soon i hope...

breezeblock played 7000000000 again, this time the announcement tops anything i ever heard ^_^

the ep on mental ind. is waiting for the sleeves now, i think it'll be available in 2 weeks.

next week i'll go to a wooden country shack with friends that have become rare in my life,
i hope to catch up with them and find some peace of mind there.
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bbc breezeblock play karl marx stadt track

apparently a friend of may-lee asked whether she knew who karl marx stadt was,
thats how aaron found out that they played it on bbc.
right after the new andy c record on ram ; ), somewhere 13 minutes into the show.
check out what she has to say about it, i really became hysterical.
THANK YOU, Mary Anne Hobbs!

for my friends who dont have real player because they hate it like i do,
i did a snippet of it... hope thats ok. on breezeblock 220205.mp3

much love
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vengeance of the squat bar

so i had a lovely weekend which i wont lose a word about,
but i did improve my chess skills and finally won and seeing digable planets
live is a great experience as opposed to hiphop djs that play mtv
style lil john shit afterwards, which totally ruins the mood.
fuck _those_ people.

anyways as all of you too, i sleep about 2-4 hours every night during weekdays
(usually between 7 am and 11am somewhere)
so i am a well exhausted person, but my body mobilizes the last reserves until
the beer comes back in. sounds sad, but its fun.

these people at WAFsalon that do the monday night now are the kindest
people that live around here. they are some 18 years old and their resident
dj serpent 77 plays a good nonstop tech itch or squarepusher megamix if he's in the mood.

after some lovely moments with them last week, we got to crank it up this monday.
unlike usually, this time all our friends from the neighborhood came. actually it looked
like the whole neighborhood came. nishinga played a great hard dnb set. nothing but the devilish stuff.

aaron spectre + may lee came down from their house in their pyjamas (!) and he played a perfect dj set too.
the "crowd" (like 12 people, but that room isnt bigger) was really going good as i started.
we had some great fun, i played some gabber too. 2 guys had a heartattack when i put on scooter again,
but i mean hey : )

so yeah, thats all perfect and everyone is smiling and its all good,
but then comes the crash, like always.
i gotta get control over things like that. my four british mates are together for the first time,
they look a bit like shitkickers and they talk loudly, so i didnt believe them.
but this girl really tried to get started with them. in the end i dragged my mates out of there
and into a döner place where they continued loudly and witnessed 2 alkies pulling bottles over
each others heads, while i desperately tried to apologize to the organizers crew at the squat bar,
which was totally fucking impossible, because bitch backtalked me whenever i tried to talk to them.

in the end i felt like a kindergarten teacher for my british mates and even poured a bottle of vodka over
my neighbours head and squashed a pack of crisps in his face, which i cant remember at all.
not even when waking up to that stench the next morning.
they were being really really annoying non stop. i think i got the wrong one too, but hey, i cant remember it even after they told me. so dont mess with me : )
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Karl Marx Stadt CD out soon : )

oops, i just included that at the end of the last entry.
yesterday i met up with peter / lux nigra
and i could evaluate the whole product.
how do you like the cover ? ; )

i'm really happy with how it sounds and its a hybrid cd with a video on it.
the first time i'm allowed to sell some is at

and by then there'll be vinyl too : )
so make up your minds what you want by then,
it looks like this:

click the picture for info.

also i have these patric catani cdrs for sale in the shop now, ; )
with mostly unreleased stuff from 93 til now.
theres 5 different ones and one double mix cd. afaik no other shop
has them. they're so fucking awesome. yes.


more later.
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the ending of the tour story


so i just found this thing that i typed at the zurich airport...
since some of you told me the diary feels kind of unfinished,
and i feel that i owe philly, and boston. sorry i never put it up earlier.

aaron and maylee put up a great gallery,

they also managed to actually remember all those lovely people that helped and
supported us.
so i guess i should do my own, but i wont. we had the moment there, i hope i didnt
blow it too much. i love all of you guys, and i miss you through and through.
you're in my dreams, my nightmares and my everyday thoughts and daydreams.

------------------------------- here goes, final report:

live from zurich airport, up for approx. 20 hours travelling so far:
the end of the tour.

after subtonic came philly, its a very pretty old town, with narrow streets
and little bars. and impossible parking again.
the venue looked kind of scary until we went upstairs, more like a regular
beer bar affair. upstairs were some pool tables and a rock p.a. and finally
duran duran duran and xanopticon. i had been waiting to see ed again for a
while, so i was super happy... the sound that night was not the bomb,
and it was not that big of a turnout but the people knew what they were in for and partied hard.
but the music all the better. the opening act sparky, was rather mellow
and very musical. good stuff. next up ryan as opening act again, the shittiest
p.a. i ever heard him play on. again he blew everyone away.
aaron played a harder set and the blood feast began again.
ed played an outstanding noisy set. so much fun!
after the night we went for more drinks and breakcore to bob's and rachael's house
and unfortunately it was time to say good bye again to ryan and ed... much too short!
see you in europe boys!

i denied both coffee and philly cheese steak in the morning, with a kind of sickish
feeling again i left. as in many other places i find it hard to relax when leaving the day after
the party right away. its very hard to realize to have been there, when you're there for 12 hours max.
aaron just found out we can play a show with ocdj, who played at machine's house too.
the studio is run by volunteers but very impressive. i haven't ever heard aarons or my stuff
on such good monitors other than at dubplates and mastering. we played a 30 minute set each
leaving a decent amount of work for ocdj cutting out the swear words. ; )
that night we played at openair, which is basically a big automatenbar sort of, where i
enter the room walking through rows of people with laptops connected to either the multitrack audio recording
setup or one of the tft's on the wall. there's another room for ppl who just wanna use the wireless network.
they have jam sessions there from 17h on, later aaron plays a very melodic set, brandon plays
the best of his sets i heard, the sound is amazing! very hard. chinstroking, smiles and applause.
i play slow melodic stuff and proceed into hard stuff, aaron and maylee really learned to push me
into doing this : )
we get wasted, more excellent ny pizza, i meet jeremy, mad e.p. and society cleaners again,
maybe there should be a battle between cleaners and suckers...
we crash once again at alex's place.

boston was the last big pleasure before i had to leave.
a small but chic cafe on the first floor somewhere in boston.
the enormous room is of course the tiniest place with no space to put anything ; )
dj c and dj flack put on the most perfect sets we heard all tour,
not hard hard but cool, in the actual "hipster" sense of the word. perfectionists at work.
its all very cozy and aaron plays very smooth, chopping the tough breaks, to disguise the
roughness i think : )
i finally meet pete devnull too, been waiting the whole tour for that to happen,
aarons brother is there too and we have some really nice food, the bar staff is very friendly,
despite the narrow path and our constant being in the way.
due to aarons playing nice and not his metal mashups, i'm scared to play rough in there,
but in the outside chainsmoking lounge with snow and freezing breath i meet donna,
who kindly reminds me why i am actually there. rocking hard! way to go donna, you saved the night!
so its all scooter and weird al again, everybody happy.
oh and this one girl comes up to me and asks if i mix with my face. of course i do. ; )
long hellos and short good byes again,
we go to petes house and stay the night, not before listening to some new dj c and lots of happy hardcore
with devnull (including heavy raving : )
i say good bye to aaron and maylee,
wake up the next morning, going to work with pete.

9 a.m. on to the boston subway towards chinatown, into the bus station,
finding the chinatown bus, eating shit mexican breakfast (bleh, meat, cheese, bread)
arrive in chinatown nyc, some more nyc subway to jfk airport,
a more unpleasant plane flight, no sleep, shit films, unpleasant seat neighbor.
one hour busride to work, 26 hours no sleep, straight to work, germany welcomes me
with the line so familiar: "you're late for work, christian."

so sorry, i should have posted this much earlier.
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Pittsburgh, New York, New Jersey, New York

arrr.. i let it slip, but then again internet wasnt everywhere.
i'll keep it shorter this time.
basically iowa seemed to be the highest point of crazyness.

13th DEC

pittsburgh was an art gallery. before the show started we went
for some good pizza and tabletop pac-man! aaron wears his pac-man hat
and proves he deserves it.
xanopticon opened up for us. i'm always happy to meet ryan. the joke about the pittburgh
breakcore crew is that they are maybe 5 people. but the entire pittburgh
breakcore crew was there!
so us attracting like 20 people seemed to be a good turnout.
i'm glad to meet geoff, mr cutups. we go for a few beers at a local bar, its ice cold outside. there was snow.
we get to stay at his house and ryan and me wake up his girlfriend
unintenionally in the middle of the night... by drinking gin from chalices and playing gabber on the porch outside
til late.

14th DEC / 15th DEC
we play around on the laptop during the ride to new york, its much fun. we learn some new things.
today is a day off, because the moonbunny party got cancelled, which is fucked up because maylee hand silkscreened
posters for it and made 1000 colored flyers and this band rehearsed for it and all.
ryan and i stay at wai optic / isolate rec. house and maylee and aaron at jeremy parenthesis'
we have some funny stories to tell and some of the best pizza i ever had.
the next day we go to china town to put ryan on the bus to philly, he's playing there the next day
while we are in new jersey.
i try to do some shopping but now its too late, we go meet may-lee's infamous big brother,
he's very kind but tired. he's on tour too, everyone here is working in broadcasting it seems.
we all stay at wai's that night, to be together and ready for the ride.

new jersey is kind of weird, i dont know. machine's house has about 7 housemates, somethings wrong with the
heating, its colder inside than outside! we go for some jamaican roti, it takes super long and there are bones in the chicken,
its a pain in the ass to eat. machine says they do that on purpose. for white people. could be.
the party is at a different house and its quite crazy. i'm get completely plastered so i can hardly tell,
must have been like 30 people there for the music and a good bunch more just for the beer.
so funny how that works. he just gets all those kids out with some beer : )
there's some bands playing in the beginning. very noisy affairs, we hang out in the kitchen, all the bands play for like
7 minutes and have all these conceptual stop and go songs. not my cup of tea.
for some reason i have no recollection at all of heartworms set. i remember standing behind aaron while aaron plays.
the kids love it. may-lee says its breakcore for girls. i dont really fit on the table this time,
but there is way too much beer.
only the pictures of that night could refresh my memories. i had completely forgot / not seen this guy gets naked
during my set and later tries to wrestle me. heartworm says he spit in my face but then kept bringing me beer
to make up for it. all i can actually remember is my sound output being fucked up now. broken. great.
not a loose cable. so i gotta buy a soundcard these days. nice party : )
p.s. i dont take the pain killer pills since iowa, peter. they make me sick
p.p.s. i think i'm car sick. everytime we're on the road i feel horrible.

the word of the next day is: dude there's like an inch of beer on the kitchen floor. yes. they brought the keg home
and it was leaking.
we gotta go back to new york. brandon heartworm the good man gets us a roof for the night at his friend alex's house....
we look for a parking spot in downtown manhattan. an hour later we find one thats for 2 hours only.
alex is so nice to borrow me his kickass roland edirol ua30 sound interface, which sounds so much better.
we go for some japanese cheap food. finally some vegetables. i spend all my money in kim's video store, which is basically where i-sound works. i hope your dvd players are region free : )
the night at subtonic was truely awesome. mr. and ms. broklyn beats on bar and decks. heartworms ultra noise out
with circuit bent gear and all. aaron gets a bit more time to play and we witness the baddest moshpit ever for his drumcorps tracks
nothing wild and insane happens, except for lots and lots of good music. much love, new york.
there's an afterparty, but as it is the way with afterparties.. i dont even wanna remember. but we had some awesome singing spanish frank zappa pizza on the way. aiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiiiiiiiiiiiii

be seeing you



blaerg and his wife in here in toledo were so nice to take us under their roof,
so thats where we are right now. time to domesticate again. i think i stink.
every show so far went crazier and crazier.
i wish i could post fotos, but besides writing i dont feel like
doing any software nerd stuff. so i'll put them up back home.
and actually aaron and may-lee take tons of pictures already,
unfortunately there will be people that i forgot to take pictures
of, which i regret fully and from the bottom of my heart, because everyone is so nice.


so we couldnt leave chicago without getting the famous chicago deep dish style pizza.
we dont think its what we got but we went to this fancy restaurant and got a whole oven plate
full like my dad makes it. hmmm. delicious. and atomly had a vegan pizza there.
apparently its not a big thing to get good vegan food in a regular restaurant in chicago!
including cheese supplements and all. btw. atomly is the best fed vegan ever. 2 meters tall and
definitely not pale or skinny. ;) and i can't wait to hear his tracks with enduser soon.
i like the idea that it'll be out on outbreak records, because uk dnb labels are usually very
aaron found out yesterday that there will be an afterparty in iowa.

somebody set up us the bomb.
you are on your way to destruction.
make your time.
i can't even imagine playing.


the drives are starting to become very alike, its just one long straight road and i got used to it.
the fast food chains alternate, but its the same thing again and again.

iowa city is a student town. 60000 ppl, 30000 students. we get to go on the local radio show this
guy chad does, he does an interview with us to advertise the show, he's very experienced,
took away our anxiety and it went pretty smoothly. we go to a nice thai restaurant with kent and steve, the food is amazing. i order a beer. she needs my i.d. again. very flattering again. she never saw a german passport either.

at the party i meet a really cool guy, kent. nate introduces him as the "electronic elder" : )
in fact, he's been coming to that venue for nearly 30 years and saw pretty much every band there.
the place looks a bit historic, bo diddley played here. sonic youth in 91. nirvana in 89.
the other organizer steve plays some electro-ish stuff, the other 2 djs play pretty hard dnb. for 2 people.
it fills up slowly though. by the time aaron plays, i'm completely plastered again but i hardly notice, people start to rock out. not too full tonight. its the days before the final exams.

i bash my head again, there's blood again, i dont feel it at all. the pain relief pills work well...
nate gets a microphone and starts screaming, i kneel on the table, this guy flippo starts hanging from the ceiling upside down, someone does a headstand, others bang their heads with metal folding chairs. there's wrestling on stage, off stage. 2 a.m. lights on. party over.

we pack up, kent drives me to the afterparty. i forget my blue hoodie w/ the japanese "smog" scripture somewhere there. its cold as hell, i start shaking.


i dont wanna leave.
we have to.
there's a gas station chain in iowa called KUM & GO. we fill up,
i can't even laugh.

i'll go smoke another one in the basement and finally take my shower.
tomorrow we finally get to play with ryan.


so powered out.
ok. so we just arrived in chicago. we stay at atomly's loft apartment.
its next to a giant crossroad and right next to the elevated train (the L).

bleh i'm so zoned out.
ok i dont really wanna go into all the fun time we had in toronto so much,
i want to thank everyone there, they made us love toronto. its really one of
the nicest places i stayed in. maybe i'll write more about it, but probably not.
it couldnt possibly cover how precious the times were. :P

8th of December FUNHAUS / -------------------------------------------
something i want to tell about was a show skeeter played. if you dont know him
he runs this label with his friend crushkill.
its a 3" cd label and they also put out floppy discs! 7331.
the night stayed very empty which reminded me of desolate shows in chemnitz.
a sort of goth disco/rock club called funhaus.
some of our dear friends showed up and we partied out to skeeters set.
he played more of his scooter cover versions and some awesome
chiptunedeathtechnobreakstrash. or whatever. fun time! unfortunately crushkills soundcard
committed suicide so we didnt get to see him play. we had to leave too since we had to
get up early for the long ride to detroit. so it was farewell there and then.
i left my heart in toronto, thats for sure.

9th of December DETROIT HAS BEEN DESTROIT ------------------------------------------------

so yesterday we played in detroit.
it really is the motorcapital. that city isnt built for people, its made for cars.
literally. its very hard to navigate and its just dungeons and mazes of concrete.
the party itself was absolutely awesome.
forans irish pub is not very big, but the sound was good and the people got hyped.
it wasnt like you could dance well in there, but the atmosphere was very personal.
about 50 people or so, someone said it was the biggest breakcore night they been to.
god and his bitches were 3 people with 3 tables full of hardware equipment,
they played pretty awesome noisy stuff, just for 30 minutes though.
mourningside excursion looks very dangerous on stage, i'm sure there will be pictures soon.
thanks to him and justin/lowres for getting everyone hyped about us : )
mourningside and blaerg played very good hyper breaks stuff. due to the setup of
the venue it was better for watching than for dancing... well.
i banged my head and hands on the table a lot while playing thats why i find it hard to
type today. i bought some painkillers at the grocery store (usa! usa!) ; )
we met lots of dear people there that had lots of love for the music and showed it too.
even the bartender! : )
justins friend mark thew a little afterparty and let us stay at his loft apartment, from which we even got a lovely view over the gm building in the city centre.
so today we had to say bye to mark and detroit, which bums me out a bit. but shit was crazy,
search and destroy mission continues. on to the next target. thank you detroiters. much love.

damn, i find it hard to put everything in the right words.
i kind of got out of it from not writing about the days off... but no excuses.
thats it for now.
i hear in iowa theres gonna be an afterparty too.
and heres the flyer for the party in new jersey
: ))))


yeah the toronto party was insane, maybe i only realize because we have so much
time to unwind again.

5.12.04 PART 2. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
so neko, karen, slawek (say: swawek) and us went for the most amazing sushi of my life.
it was definitely time to treat ourselves, every inch of my body hurt.
may-lee suggests we create a website called and make everyone wedgie
t.raumschmiere. big laughs. we wind down and recover a bit from the madness, i have to
fight a depression but the food is too good and the people are too kind.
karen shows us a back alley with some of the best graffiti i have ever seen up close,
that was definitely my highlight that day... the pieces are of outstanding quality and
somehow the paint seems to glow, even in the dark.
neko is into with japanese cartoons, especially stuff thats brutal but very cute
looking. and she makes very good looking jackets. swawek and i compare our eastern european
heritage 1991 techno socialization (lots of similarities) then he plays us pretty music he made
recently. i learn a polish saying (just the translation, it rhymes in polish though):
"when he sees a man in rush, the devil is laughing".
later we all get together behind aarons computer and watch c64 games.
fun for the whole family. it could have been good to meet up with people, but everyone was so exhausted. after everyone sleeps, i get very depressed and read for 3 hours more.

6.12.04 KAREN ROCKS, SNOW, FLORIDA -----------------------------------------------------------
breakfast: lumpy oatmeal all vegan with soymilk, courtesy of: may-lee looking for stuff
noone wants to eat. very delicious! aaron and may-lee want to hook up with aarons relatives and have
to go to the car. karen and i go check out the national film board of canada.
she went there for the first time too, its a 20 minute walk. we sit down in 2 armchairs
and we can choose our shortfilms by canadian directors. this is what happens if there
actually is money for culture funding. we watch the best computer animation short film i've ever
seen. its called "ryan". Karen rocks.
aarons great uncles family is very huge, he hasnt seen them in 13 years. so the dreadlocks are
a surprise. their youngest children are building a studio, aaron played some drums : )
the whole family tree lives together, i'm a bit confused. i have 2 living family members, so thats
all a bit much.

maybe i write too much here and too little there. i dont really wanna write about our days off like that.

tonight we stay at duncans family's house, who are so kind to take us in. duncan has to write a paper
for school. i hope he gets it done. tomorrow we may roam the streets for canadian jungle.
any requests?
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ok. yesterday was INSANE

to quote jack black:

dear diary,
yesterday was IN-SANE.
(actually may-lee suggested i make the headline "dear diary, i am awesome" but i can't really admit that)
ok. so first of all the day before yesterday.

03.12.04 THE FLYWHEEL / HNATIW (hinaetschu) ---------------------------------------------

so i dont know what i told last... aarons parents?
anyways we're driving through more american home owners catalogue with christmess decorations
and lots of highway toll fees. flywheel is a nice small cornershop type place with a backroom w/
about 20 or so villagers and people from around. this drummer and a laptop guy play improv jazz / noise together as we arrive. it wasnt really loud, but very friendly and up close.
so aaron has to start right away (poor guy, this wont be the last time that happened)
and i meet hnatiw, 2 funny bearded brothers. the more outgoing one, eric, and i go out for
2 quick shots at a bar (where the doorman gets to see his first foreign passport ever, that was a funny look) because there is neither drinking nor smoking at the venue (how insane! why am i here?)
aaron plays awesome and gets applause, he has 2 new metal / punk vs jungle mash kind of things that totally rule. i was tense as hell (but at least everyone was smoke free >( and fucked it up i think, but hey, thats what people paid for. the people in stow were very friendly and i look forward to talking to them over the net soon. the sound engineer was from hannover. they reminded me of chemnitz for that kind of music 10 years ago. desperate and hungry. tim & eric hnatiw are awesome and i wish i had seen them play. they have synthesizers stacked to the roof top even in their toilet and they dont like computers. i saw a video of them playing drumcomputers by sitting on them.
they live out in the woods. i saw a horse there. eric, tim, alex, zach, mike, those 2 cool dudes that played after us (with 3 samplers and no sequencer. wow. lets make mistakes.)

04.12.04. GOING TO / PLAYING TORONTO / WTF -----------------------------------------------------------
hmm k. we laid out a few ground rules. we have to communicate better. aaron is very tired of all the driving, i'm happy he gets a few days off soon. we had to replace the windshield wiper blades (word of the day.) nice mall. we saw the dual screen game boy again, but i have no money for toys.
ate more fastfood again, burger king this time. actually tastes better than at home, but its much dirtier and disorganized. like a trash version of burgerking germany.

"has the german been to canada in the past 6 months?" no he hasnt. i'm in. whoohoo.
toronto has lots of tall buildings and very charming people. skeeter plays his own, he would go well with sickboy i think... c64 djs very well but still no people. noone wants to pay until i start... hmm.... the party gets very wild. i remember pouring beer over me on purpose and kneeling on the table.
after that it gets blurry and i won't tell you what i remember just like that. :P

happy birthday, anna.
we're at slaweks & nico's house. i slept on the floor. my fault. thank god everything is still there and nothing is broken, noone got hurt. i feel horrible, but it only takes a few hours until we listen to jpop and dance in the kitchen. toronto is insane. in the evening we go for sushi... if i dont die.
aaron smiles mildly. may-lee laughs.